Monday, June 23, 2014

Of the Orcs

The orcs of Airhde came to the world in a rush of chaos. They were many, confused and without leaders and so they fled into the shadows upon their arrival. They lay hidden from the world and watched it for many years until at last one of their number, Agrol, took courage and ventured forth. He was a huge beast and slew some men with a rock and took their plows. These he battered into shapes more usable and returned to his people. They flocked to him and he guided them into the wilds of the far east, beyond the Channel Lakes. Into the deep mountains that men call the Marl and there he settled into a wild and broken country.

The orcs scattered over the wide empty land and built crude houses and forts and they lived thus for many centuries, coming into contact only rarely with others. Their songs speak of wars with giants and other creature but little of them are reported in the histories of the dwarves or men. For a time Agrol and his descendants ruled over a large kingdom of orcs, called Agrol after its founder. They built cities of stone, roads and conducted commerce. But they never left their roots where small family groups held the dominate sway. Eventually the kingdom dissolved and the small family groups divided into tribes and they began to outgrow their land. Constant internecine wars led them to migrate into the west and north. In time they came to the lands of the Empire of Aenoch and made war upon their eastern frontiers. They scattered beyond when the empire fell so that in time of years they were found far and wide in Aihrde. They flocked to the banners of the Horned God and served him as faithful servants for the whole of the Winter Dark. Since his fall they have lamented his demise and long for the years when they ruled Aihrde at his behest.

~The Codex of Aihrde 

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