Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kirby to the Supremes

Three Amicus briefs have been filed with the Supreme Court to hear the Kirby Heirs versus Marvel law suite. The suit claims that Marvel does not own copyright to Kirby's many characters, noticeably the Xmen and Fantastic Four. They Kirby folks have lost on a number of court rulings but the Supreme Court could change that and it is increasingly likely that they will hear the case.

If they won the Kirby folks would be due alot of money I suspect.

Just for the record, I have no idea what an Amicus Brief is.


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An amicus curiae brief is a brief by a "friend of the court." Basically, it is a brief filed by someone who isn't a party to the case, but who has some interest in the outcome of the case. For example, civil rights organizations might file a brief in a case impacting civil rights even though the organization wasn't a party to the case and didn't represent someone in the case. Another example would be a mineral rights organization filing a brief in a case involving a lawsuit against an oil company where the result could have broad implications for the entire oil industry. A brief is a written argument explaining why a court should rule in a certain way.

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Next on the docket: Kirby v Lucasfilms