Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Earth Cooked the Moon

There has long been a problem with our understanding of the moon. The side of the moon facing Earth possesses large, dark craters. These craters were caused by asteroids punching a hole into the crust, the resulting lava spilling out and blackening the surface into these dark spots. We see them all the time.

However the Russians discovered when they sent a probe to the far side of the moon and been investigating that the far side was more rocky, with the dark spots being absent.

It turns out that, or some have recently postulated, that the side of the moon that always faces earth…as we are tidally locked…was cooked by the young earth, keeping it from cooling and solidifying as was happening on the far, or dark side.

At least that sheds some light on it. Get it? Sheds some light…ahhh, anyway, Space.com

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