Friday, June 27, 2014

4000 Years Ago

A Lord of men was set with his retainers in a deep chamber. The chamber was lined with stone and wood and his chariots were placed with him. Into the dark went six of his retainers and concubines. Gold and weapons, food and stores of other design were set in the chamber before it was sealed. The Lord's wife looked on, the wind pulling her black hair in wild array as she looked upon the end of him with fortified sorrow….

Or so we can imagine.

Archeologists have unearthed a burial chamber, a Kurgan, in the south of the country of Georgia in the Caucus Mountains. The chamber had seven bodies, two chariots and a variety of ornaments and gold decorations. There were no animals in the mound and it is believed that the burial occured before our ancestors domesticated the horse.

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Steve Blunden said...

So Oxen pulled chariots ... Other archeologists have already pointed out the folly of this claim. Can you imagine the speeds that Ben Hur could achieve with oxon? It may not sound so sexy to the media, but what has been found is a cart, not a chariot. :-)