Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yeti Crab Farmers

Oh yeah. You read that right. There are yeti crab farmers. The yeti crab is a rather unique animal . . . or an animal that shows us how unique we are  . . .  as its a deep-sea, mobile, dirt farmer. First discovered in 2005 it was a highlight an of ancient world, then turned out to be more recent in its development and evolution.

This suckers, inlcuding the Hoff crab (named for its hairy chest and after David Hasselhoff's hairy chest (I kid you not)) dwell in extreme environments, usually around hydrothermal vents.

But the yeti crab, as do all four discovered species, grow long hair along their backside. The hair then attracts bacteria which in turn tuns into a kind of mush, which the crab, then 'combs' with its claws and eats.

Now that is farming Troll Style. Grow your food on your own dirty back! Never go hungry again.

Live Science.


Douglas Easterly said...
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Douglas Easterly said...

I read that as Yeti (Crab Farmers) -- Yetis who farm crabs, not (Yeti Crab) farmers -- Yeti Crabs who farm. Very different image in my head.