Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walking Heads

We've long struggled with some simple problems presented from the ancient world. The foremost for the West is how Stone Henge was built. How did they get those giant stones upright, and then the cross stones on top of them. Easter Island runs a close second. How did they get those giant stone statues down on the slopes of the mountain and facing the sea.

All manner of theories have been pitched from slave labor to complicated counter weight machines.

The latest involves the Easter Island heads. Theorists have postulated and experimented with "walking the heads," that is moving them by . . . er, I'm not sure what its called . . . so we'll go with walking.

Not sure I buy it. Seems a bit far fetched. My guess is they figured something out very simple and followed that path. Or they cast transmute dirt to stone spells after sculpting the dirt.

Read the info at LiveScience.

Come to think of it, maybe it isn't a simple problem.


SAROE said...

No one ever seems to consider the possibility that they had one or two REALLY strong guys to do this stuff.

Anonymous said...

There's some youtube videos of Wally Wallington moving and setting large concrete stones by himself. Don't know if the builders of Stonehenge used the same techniques, but it's pretty cool to watch.