Friday, June 21, 2013

Unusual Weapons

I Cant Believe It has compiled a pretty cool list of unusual weapons to look over. It has only one that I recognized, the Man Catcher, as I've used it from time to time in the game, learning of it in Gary Gygax's World Builder.

Its interesting to note that a number of these would be utterly useless against someone in heavy armor. Having read a great deal recently about the Religious Wars between Turkey/Islam and the Spainish Emmpire/Papacy the heavy armor preferred in the west cannot be overstated.

Check em out here.

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Anonymous said...

Having read Stone's (dubious, I'm told) arms and armor tome, I'm familiar with several of them, but the Chu Ko Nu is my favorite. I was delighted when the repeating crossbow showed up in WFRP, and I made use of it several times. Goblin machine gun nest!