Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Gates of Aufstrag

The Portico ends in a broad patio of flagstones, exactly 100 feet wide and 60 feet deep. Much like the marble tiles of the Portico the flagstones here are little affected by the traffic of time; only the tell tale signs of rain and water have made a dent in the tiles. The landing stands before the great gates of Aufstrag, called by men The Ahargon Den, the Great Maw. The gates are set into two half moon shaped towers and covered by a huge arch all of stone. The two giant doors stand at their apex 24 feet high and are each 8 feet wide at the base. In sharp contrast to the gray stone the doors have a green tint to them. The left door has a crack in it; the right looks untouched by time. The doors possess a green tint to them but beneath this both doors have a relief of a crescent moon upon them. When closed the moons come together in a large circle. A tangle of wrought iron tops doors and arch, shaped like thorns and brush, they are stained a rusty brown. The doors stand shut. At the foot of the door, the tiles have a great divot in them, and here and all about the divot the tiles are stained red.

Carved into the doors by the dwarves at the Horned God’s request:

Suffer Not the Tyranny of Fear
Embrace The Dominion of Law

The Yoke Shall Set You Free

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