Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Terminator 5

It looks as thought deals have been struck on the next Terminator movie (scooped from AintitCool). The screen play writer from Avatar is on board which could be good or could be bad. Who can say? The interesting news is that they have to make (they being Warner Bros I think) have until 2019 to make the movie or it all goes back to James Cameron, which is in and of itself a mixed bag from the awesomeness that is the first Terminator and Aliens to the less than stirling Avatar.

But the rumor is, Arnold is back on board. That is pretty cool.

At any rate, its all good news for the franchise.

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jeff hallett said...

Please, please, PLEASE let Summer Glau be in this one. I'd take a job with SkyNet right now just to have Summer track me down.