Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review - Hansel and Gretel

I had a few hours to kill this past weekend so I took a little time and watch a movie I've been looking forward to, Hansel and Gretel. The preview showed a bunch of witches getting killed and some crazy ass action.

They were not far from the mark.

The movie gets right to it, showing the tale of the two orphans as they were led into the forest, captured by the witch and made to eat candy. How they kill the witch and learn a calling . . . killing MORE WITCHES!!

After that the movie plunges right into the action, a witch hunt happening with a few minutes of the opening sequence. From that point on its almost non-stop action. Lots of fights, spells, more fights, crazy weapons that have never been invented except during the movie's time period which 14-17-1892 or some such time period (its rather refreshing that the movie doesn't even give us a time period, it doesn't care and just kind of rolls it all up into one).

The spell use is bad ass. I could have done without the wands, but the spell use, when they go all out as in the first witch battle...well second...its really a good way for table tops to see spell casting. They needed more though, lots more.

The plot is pretty light, cool and understandable; no twisted weird ass love affairs or whining about who is right or wrong, good or evil. The witches are wrong because they are evil. The witch hunters are right because they kill the evil witches.

I got it and I like it.!

Pros: Its filled with action. Easy to watch. Nothing complicated. Bad ass spells.

Cons: Needed more spells, more spells and more again.

So get a bowl of popcorn and a drink of your choice and have a go. Its alot of fun.

There's is, I warn you, a bare hint, just a hint of this . . . . its only in one scene.


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Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

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