Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cassini, Kicking A@$

And taking names. Cassini is spending his time hanging out around Saturn and her moons, taking pictures, making observations, gathering all manner of data about this most interesting of planets. Cassini has unearthed, or rather, unsaturned, all manner of info from the water on Enceladus to Volcano's on Titan.

Well its another moons turn. This time its Dione. A rather small, seemingly dead moon, much like our own or even Mercury. A wasteland of pock marked craters. Or so we thought.

Cassini has taken some very revealing photographs. One of the longest mountain ranges in the solar system sprawls across Dione and it would seem, does so on a depression, meaning to say that the weight of the range has pushed the ground down. This can only mean one thing, there is liquid under the crust. What kind of liquid? Who can say. But that means Dione is probably more active than dead.


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