Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Man comes to America - early - but in time for dinner

The debate raged for a century or more. When did man arrive in the Americas. Well, this study has shown that the date can be extended beyond the 13000 year ago date to at least 14k ago with a dinner,

It is the finding and analysis of a tip from a human-made projectile point (spearhead) gathered from the remains of a mastodon

I've never felt the previous date to be correct. Man was moving too fast and furious across the landscapes of the world prior to this to be stopped by something as silly as an ocean - even a cold one. I would guess - just a hunch - man has been in and out of the Americas up to 21k ago. Just a hunch.

In any respect, some interesting Archaeology going on.

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ADD Grognard said...

Actually there is enough proof at this point to throw the 'Clovis' theory out completely.

Man has been in the Americas for a very long time and I believe has already grown and fell as a super-civilization at least once and possibly more than once.

There is a lot of room for speculation but the old line scientists could only keep telling other researchers that they had corrupted their samples or they were 'doing it wrong' for so long.

I've been working on a book for several years covering this subject and what happened to that civilization and have been want for time to do the search for satellite photos I need to pinpoint a particular event that occurred and caused their downfall.

And the theory I propose doesn't need aliens or any pseudo-science to back it up.