Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weapon Damage ranges

So I was sitting around thinking about weapon damage ranges for the weapons book. I want to use a scale of 1-10. So lets take small creature, a medium creature and a large creature. The medium (6ft tall) gets a 3 foot sword, the small (2ft) gets a 1 foot sword and the large (18ft) gets a 9 foot sword. All the swords are 1/2 the height of the creature bearing them. So I have a rating issue. Does the large sword do 3x the damage as the medium, 2x or what.

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maasenstodt said...

I'd say that the 3x number works. If the medium sword averages 4.5 points of damage (1d8) per hit, I can see the small sword managing to average a third of that (1.5 damage, or 1d3), while the large sword inflicts an average of 13.5 (3d8). Keeps things nicely linear, which may not be too far off base if the main increase in the force of the blow comes from increased mass rather than velocity.