Friday, August 19, 2011

Sucker Punch extended now available

As you all know, I really liked Sucker Punch. Not as much as Blade Runner, but I really liked the movie and think it received unfair reviews. In any respect, it has been said the extended version would allow for Snyder's full vision to be developed. For those of you who did not like the movie, you may want to give the extended version a try. I have not seen so can not give any opinion of it.

From the review,
"The film’s title may even be a direct message from Snyder to his audience: in expecting a breezy action movie full of ass-kicking heroines, it’s the viewer’s expectations that have been sucker punched. (emphasis mine) They receive instead a grim, faintly unsettling experience about victimisation and control.

If this interpretation is correct, Sucker Punch may well be one of the most sly films ever to have made it through the Hollywood filmmaking machine."

That mirrors a comment I made about the movie over on our discussion at the TLG forums. I think the reviewer is close to nailing the movie.

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