Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stories, their heroes and the big screen = F

For the most part, I am unimpressed with Hollywood's attempts to bring characters from stories to life on the big screen. This article examines a few literary characters which have failed to convert; Bond, Tarzan and Conan.

After thinking on it again, I believe Conan could be brought to the big screen. The character of Conan is obviously appealing on some gut level to a broad spectrum of society - even if slightly misunderstood. The first problem I see is that Hollywood does not seem able or willing to drop the 'Hollywood action picture' tropes, a misunderstanding of Howard's Conan and more importantly a misunderstanding as to why Conan is popular. His popularity has little to do with cutting off arms and legs and heads and drinking tons of mead and bedding wads of wenches. His popularity (my opinion only), or I should say his gut appeal, is his embodiment of the primordial and allowing it expression - in short, no impulse control ;). This is set in opposition to civilization and Conan's active dismissal of it mores all the while bringing something a little more 'honorable' to the landscape.


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