Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Short Story

Urik, Fenir's son and grandson to Thufir laid claim to a proud heritage of warriors stretching back to Etherburt the Bold.

Fenir, the father of Urik, fought at the battle of Irdinhilfilt and slew Kaptane Otho of the Berthians as those ferocious warriors pressed forward with mighty sweeps of their broad axes. With a great thrust of his spear, Fenir pierced the neck of the Kaptain nearly slicing his head from his body. The death of Kaptane Otho broke the will of the Berthians and the day was won in no small part due to Fenir's glorious action.

Thufir, the father of Fenir, scaled mount Gurth on the last night of the year during the celebration of Irsel. Though thick sleet fell and covered the rocky outcrops with a layer of frost, Thufir managed to gain the summit. Upon Mount Gurth there lived an ancient shleppangen by name of Gurtemog and who had, for many years, bedeviled the peoples of Irdin, Firth and Mullen. In the ensuing clash, Thufir beheaded Gurtemog. He strode back to his home with much treasure, which he shared with kin and community.

Urik had few deeds to boast of for he was still early in his youth. On this day his chance arrived. An army gathered outside Irdinheim intent upon laying waste to those inside and plundering the accumulated wealth of that the city. Urik had eagerly volunteered his service to help protect Irdenheim for not only did he live but a days walk away but the chance for glory could not be passed.

The sun sits high in the sky as Urik makes his way up the ladder to a parapet in order to glimpse the army gathered outside the gates. He was excited with anticipation of the battle to come. Urik was well trained and armored with his father's chain hauberk and grandfather's sword; the same sword which slew Gurtemog. He reached the landing and peered across the plain below him.

Stretched before him was a vast army. Its regiments were organized in squares and lines and bristled with weapons. There were thousands. Banners of various Kaptanes fluttered in a slight breeze. Drums began sounding in the distance. At once, the whole line of the army below him lurched and moved forward. Urik felt no fear and even grinned slightly while grasping the hilt of his sword.

Urik began his lestendurg,

Yo though I am the last man
Yo though I stand alone
Yo though I face my enemy
I see my father
I see my father's father
I see...

Urik never finished the lestendurg. A bolt pierced his head just above the eye, ripping through his skull, throwing him back and off the parapet to the muddy track below. Urik died before he hit the ground.

Thus ended the line of Etherburt the Bold.


John said...

Winner of the Darwin award!

Davis Chenault said...

he should have worn a helmet and looked through a loophole. Or maybe even stayed home.