Monday, August 22, 2011

The more I think about Conan, the more I like it

Jason Momoa plays a better Conan than Arnold. They could have given him better lines and allowed him to actually explore his acting potential.

It is not a Conan story but scripts almost like one. It is more akin to a mid to late Savage Sword tale.

The action is Ok to goo.

Overall, within the fantasy genre I give it a B. However, as a Conan fan, I give it a D to C. I won't go over the low points yet, don't care to dwell on the negative.

I keep waffling back and forth as to whether or not Conan can be translated to the big screen. Before going to the movie Steve an I had discussed it and we both felt it could. However, after coming out, I was beginning to think the stories could not be translated onto the screen. For a fan its doubly difficult to accept a move to the screen as we have pre-conceived notions as to what and who and how Conan is and should be.

That said, I think there are innumerable tales of Conan that translated to comics very well and several of the writers caught the essence of the stories and their nature. These stories, if not the originals all offer great starting points for movie length stories if the original tales are too difficult to manage.

Anyway, these are my first thoughts.

So I say, with a certain amount of guardedness, go see the movie.


Omote said...

Good visuals. A bit too hectic of a pace for film. Needed more character delopment. Even a tiny bit would have been welcome. Overall, I liked it. Could be much better.


Scott W said...

Far too straightforward and totally lacking in scope and character development. It was "ok", but I wouldn't recommend it in the theater (especially since the 3D was irrelevant, as well)... Disappointing.

Davis Chenault said...

They could do a lot to develop the characters in Conan movies. I think that generally they are considered cut and paste schlock action figures. But they are not. They need to add a little dialogue. Perhaps someone should read a Conan book, study Howard's interpretation of him and then try to make a movie.