Monday, August 29, 2011

Lot of copyrighted images on the net

Go figure. One works hard to create something and they want it copyrighted and not disseminated for free.


scottsz said...

If you're looking for free images, I suggest Morguefile.

Herb said...

Some context to this comment? Are worried about Troll Lord images and to what degree (if someone uses a cover in a link the prior sale for example), the recent posting of lots of Elmore love, the regular use of images to illustrate points or discussions, or am I missing it all together?

Some of these I'll admit I see more troubling than others on an ethical level. Some I see as more applicable to affirmative defense legally (ie, fair use) than others. But with just your single like I'm not sure what the lament is.

Davis Chenault said...

No, nothing like that. I was perusing some photo sites today for some cool castle pics. I found some but I ran into a wad of copyrighted images. I wanted to post them but they sites were pretty clear about 0 dissemination in any form.

Which is fine. I should have just saved the links.