Thursday, August 25, 2011

Left/Right breaks, Kindle, Fixes and more

So where to begin. The sale is fixed now. Uhhh, WTF happened.

As a general rule Steve and I have no idea what the other person is doing and we go about our merry way undertaking various projects and presenting them for development or whatever. On occasion we meet and forge a product (usually by the time its in its final stages), finish something here or there, cut down a tree, drink a beer etc.

So, left hand meet right hand. Steve had been working on this Kindle thing for some time now. I had no idea. On Monday he calls me over to help put the finishing touches on the project - as well as another small one. Cool. Well, things start to slip slide past him as we work on his project. Like, uhhh keeping the sale going.

Its a miracle we keep the lights on.

Oh, but the PHB is on the Kindle now. 9.99!

I had no idea.

Steve had no idea the sale was extended beyond Monday.

Left hand, meet right hand.

More later.


Anonymous said...

I consider an amazing ides to have the PHB on kindle. I've just ordered a copy. By the way there is a planning to have on kindle the rest, or at least the core, books?.

Juan Barthe

Davis Chenault said...

A1 should be up today. We are going to move over everything virtually. The MT should be up soon (a week, the conversion process is long). The mods go quick. The CKG could take a while as it is chock full of charts - that's the problem with the bigger books). The mods are going to be 1.99 or so I think. Maybe 2.99, Steve is working out the price points now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Davis. As I said I think it's a great idea. C&C (at least in my humble opinion) it's a very good rpg, and, besides, there is no abundance of rpg games in kindle. Now every kindle user will have access to a very good fantasy rpg (probably the only one with your level of quality). You can count on me.

Juan Barthe.