Friday, August 26, 2011

How a sword fight would probably happen


Helmsman said...

Dunno about that. That's an example of a farmer versus a master swordsman. And in that example yes, it would likely happen just that way. Most RPG's have extras rules that encompass that circumstance quite handily. Beyond that it really depends on the type and quality of the weapons being used and if the fighters are wearing armour and what type of armour. Then it boils down to what types of attacks are being employed (stabs and thrusts or cuts and chops). Once you factor those things in, the time it takes to strike an incapacitating blow goes up quite a lot. And even when you are talking about a very decisive victory people often don't go down immediately even from a deadly shot. It takes several minutes to bleed out even from a dire arterial hit and the only attack that will stop a person cold is one that severs the spinal cord and that takes a lot of force and weight behind the strike on top of being sharp enough to cut fluidly through all the flesh needed to get through to the spine (the brainstem is easier).

Davis Chenault said...

Maybe I should say, " a sword fight between me and just about anyone else."