Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gygax movie in the making?

Say what? The examiner (yes the plagiarising one) has an article with news about the project. George Strayton is to produce the project. Purportedly it has a 150 million dollar budget and a big time actor on line for the roll of Mr Gygax.

That Strayton would want such a project is not unlike him. He just released "The Secret Fire" roleplaying game.He is a gamer. He also wrote or worked on portions of and parts of Xena and Hercules series, some Dragonlance animated movie or something (I don't know anything about this) and other stuff.

Anyway, word floats around. I have my doubts that anything will happen in the near future. It seems that 150 million is quite a big budget for an extremely risky commercial project.

Yeah, but I hope that should it go forward, the movie portrays Mr. Gygax fairly and gives a nod to that which his mind spawned; the 20 billion dollar a year gaming industry (of which rpgs are but a pittance anymore).

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