Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Gods of War bring civilization to man

War as the progenitor of civilization. This idea is cropping up again. I tend to view it as one of a few key ingredients to the rise of civilization, propelling growth, wealth and innovation. That is, it seems to be the case for the victors.

"This study is part of a larger, worldwide comparative research effort to define the factors that gave rise to the first societies that developed public buildings, widespread religions and regional political systems -- or basically characteristics associated with ancient states or what is colloquially known as 'civilization,'" said Stanish, who is also a professor of anthropology at UCLA. "War, regional trade and specialized labor are the three factors that keep coming up as predecessors to civilization."

Odin riding Sleipnir

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Bradford C. Walker said...

Check your link. I think it's busted.