Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elfquest, a movie and the old games

So I happened across a thread on an Elfquest movie. Warner Brothers has the rights to the movie and has had them since 2008. They have yet to do anything with it. There is no news forthcoming etc etc etc. However, what had slipped under my radar was this,

ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining was created by Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes and funded via IndieGoGo donations (they raised close to $5000 in a week). The fan trailer's all-female cast features some of the online world's most well known actresses, including Rhodes, Cathy Baron, Taryn Southern, Jamie Blair, Jessica Rose, Taryn O'Neill and Shanrah Wakefield.

With this,

I don't remember there only being chicks in elfquest, but label me young and stupid.

In any respect, it also reminds me of those games in our youth when we, as players and game masters, were quite willing to give anything a whirl throwing internal logic, consistency and any semblance of reality to the far winds.

Maybe that is what I mean by the good old days of gaming. I was, comparatively speaking, unencumbered.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled that the fan trailer was made! Naturally there were male characters in EQ, but for whatever reason they had no male actors to participate in the making of the trailer.

I see your point in that the trailer is rather stream-of-consciousness and not heavy on "logic"; it does evoke strong emotional response, and the older games and scenarios when RPGs were in their infancy do reflect that. I love Judges Guild stuff, in large part because of the "anything goes" feel to their modules and supplements. Anything could happen, and there doesn't have to be an explanation. Just go with it.