Friday, August 26, 2011

Anyone seen Troll Hunter

The movie looks pretty interesting and being a troll lord I always like to know what the opposition is up to. If you have seen, do you have an opinion. Personally,  I already like the plot but am not fond of the verite style of filming. It worked for the Blair Witch project but it seems to be a one shot type effect for me.


Fredrik Hansson said...

I have seen it and I am hesitant to recommend it. Visually it is a nice movie (I enjoyed that the trolls looked different from each other and not all cut form the same mold) but it really never moved me or even interest me that much. I'd rate it is a good movie for watching at home, where you can down a few beers while you watch with your buddies, it is good for a few laughs if nothing else. But with soda and popcorn, in a dark theatre? I hesitate.

That said, the fact that to us swedes norwegian sounds overly cheerful and cutesy might have affected me and taken the "grim" edge off it. Perhaps to people who dont understand the language the names of the trolls sound impressive and not like something you'd name a housecat.

Davis Chenault said...

Its sounds like it might work. My plan was to get the gaming group together and watch a movie at someone's house this next week sometime. I wanted a fantasy tale, some beer and popcorn. Sounds like a good mix of fun.

Fredrik Hansson said...

Hey, if you dont like it you can always do what I do: mock it.
But as a gaming group movie with a few lagers or IPAs, it's a solid pick.
Just give whoever it is that is working on the Castle Keepers landscape screens a kick before you sit down to watch it, I crave screens.

Davis Chenault said...

Uh that would be me. Luckily I can't kick myself in the butt. Steve and I have to tackle one project and then we'll hit it. Probably starting Friday. However, considering Steve's current state of anger, I might gently nudge him off this project and ask him to get the screens underway.

JoetheLawyer said...

I enjoyed it. Pretty different. Beer always helps. :)

Anonymous said...

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