Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News, Video, Audio, Special Discounts and a Teaser!

Steve's latest video from Troll Lord Games is now on YouTube! In it you will find information about our new hard back binding capabilities, the latest news about the CK Guide and much more. Click here to watch it.  Steve is in his element, in the Troll Den and amongst his beloved Dr. Pepper cans.

We just released Crusader Journal 23 in PDF form. You can get your copy here. Inside you will find the continuation of a three-part article Iron Guts, Adventure for Mid-level Characters. We take a look at what it takes to run mid-level adventures, how to balance growing power with monster abilities.
 There are also 20 questions thrown at Mark Allen, an article on traps by Casey Cannfield and much much more. Get your copy instantly by clicking here.

Today we also get a unique insight into one group’s gaming. Our friends at RPGMP3 have a great site where you can listen to or even upload your own audio in podcast form of your game. The Thistledown Gamers Guild has been uploading audio from their games there and it’s a lot of fun to go listen their roleplaying. Click here to listen to one of their latest sessions. It’s a real vibrant community at RPGMP3 so check them out and maybe start uploading some of your own sessions. Thanks to John Stephens for letting us know about this via twitter.

That brings me to another subject. If any of you out there want to share how you game, your take on gaming, or an interesting story about how your group formed, what you do for each game, etc. share it with us by emailing here. We would love to hear from you and may even feature it here on the blog or in the Troll’s Tusk.

We are still hammering away at the hardbacks and the mailroom is like a beehive. The special combo sale price for MT of Aihrde and Gods & Monsters is still ongoing. Get your copies today and keep the bearded one busy. Let’s see, what else? The PDF sale is ongoing but won’t be going for much longer so get what you can at these low prices before the sale goes away.

At the bottom of this page, you will notice a link to yfrog photos we are currently playing around with to test our ability to instantly upload photos from around the Troll Dens, Cons, whereever the Trolls might happen to be.  It's still in the testing stages but for now you can see whatever we are taking pics of.  Mostly it's been Tim with his TrollDog Maggie so far but there are a few of our fearless leader in there as well. More to come on that as we progress.

That’s all for now I guess.  Oh! The Teaser! Check back here later today for exciting news I just can't talk about right now. I'll post it here as soon as we can release the info. 


dachda said...

Great to have the blog back. Is there an RSS feed I can link to my Outlook, so I know when a new post is up?

Tim Burns said...

@dachda: here it is. i haven't got that up on the site yet, i need to do that. anyway, thanks for reading the blog. :-) we hope you like it.

dachda said...

Thanks Tim.