Monday, February 05, 2024

I Want to Believe

The UFO, or UAP as they call it now, is an interesting phenomenon and a personal one for me. 

At least once a year, and usually more often than that, something triggers my interest and I circle back around to it. I devour some literature, scour the internet, head over to the MUFON page to see what they are up to, watch some videos that the Pentagon puts out (which seems to be far too often for anyone's comfort), or, and as often as not, end up plopped in my chair in front of the flat screen watching old episodes of the X-Files.

When we ponder all the avenues we have to adventure, to explore, to wander, and seek out...avenues from soldiering to backpacking...the UFO hunter seems, somehow the most glamorous. Chasing lights in the sky, unriddling the government's motives and agendas, traveling about the wastelands looking for debris, and talking to people who truly believe. What more could you ask?

I'm about due for a trip to New Mexico I think.

1 comment:

Timothy S. Brannan said...

My younger brother and sister have this plan to hit all the major UFO sightings. Yes, they are also huge X-Files fans. I think it is a banger of an idea!

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