Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Death of Ponca

Some years back we were going to try to do our local convention in Ponca Arkansas. Ponca is located on the Buffalo River in the central Ozarks, a, very beautiful part of the state. Its deep in the woods and far from the haunts of the world. There, buried in the woods was an elven home of wondrous beauty, the RiverWind Lodge. It offered limited accommodations...about 18 I think...but had a crazy cool conference room that would play into a giant game of Castle & Crusades like no bodies business.

Beyond that there was a lodge porch overlooking a bluff on the river, a huge kitchen, sprawling hills that promise all the fuel for imaginative fire you could want.

Very cool place. We talked about it frequently.


It burned to the ground.

Post Script: I think Davis still wants to go up there and game in the ruins of it!


mattruane said...

The fire was in 2012...a quick google search reveals, however, that it has obviously been rebuilt.


Troll Lord said...

HOLY CRAP!! You sir are a hero! I thought the fire was this September...teach me to read news at 1 in the A. M.! haah

Troll Con Ponca Style!