March is Upon Us . . .

Holy Carolina! March is already upon us. I managed about 9500 words on several projects last week, primarily articles for Crusader 9 and CKG. But once more Shades fell to the wayside. I'm going to attempt (for the 14th time according to these blogs) to finish it this week. Peter has done much of the art, maps and has a little to do on the main map I think and this thing is ready to go. After that back to the CKG for about three weeks and then to Crusasder 10.

Crusader 8 should be this week I think. I'll keep you posted.

I'm really not clear what the heck is going on around here. I spent the weekend on the farm. Its always very quiet. They are on dial up so internet is almost impossible. I can't figure out how to work the digital on the tv and don't really want to. We spend alot of time discussing politics, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and other sundries. But the weather was nice so me and the kids went out to skip rocks on the pond. But I didn't last long and ended up "resting my eyes" stretched out beneath a sycamore tree. It was a comfortable 72 degrees with a nice soft wind blowing over the hill and through the trees. All things troll were lost, drifting down wind as it should be. So the website didn't get updated, the message boards were neglected and I haven't too much idea what I'm supposed to be working on.

So my plan for Monday is to bug Peter and find out what he's doing.

Here's a little something for the western in you. Take it away Johnny . . . .

Thanks for playing.


Unknown said…
Next time you link a J Horton song, make it fun like sinking the Bismark, or Springtime in Alaska or Battle of New Orleans. I know your daddy taught you better, now, dear Troll.
Jonnygimmel said…
I'm not sure if this note will get anywhere, but I was trying to find contact information for Luke Gygax: an e-mail or a place to send a sympathy card. Luke and I went to the same HS when Gary G. was living in California. I lost touch with Luke over the years, but just read about Gary's passing. Any information would be appreciated.
Amber said…
Hi Steve,
I just wanted to say how glad I was to be able to help on Friday. And running into you on Saturday night was pretty cool as well. Darn time change shortened the fun though.
Stop by the store anytime. :)

Take care and have a safe trip home.