Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Water is Life

The discussion has been going for decades, longer probably, about Mars and the existence of water. Some time ago they came to the realization that there was water in the subsoil, just not oceans of it. Then the polar ice caps were discovered, this meant that the Red Planet definitely has water on it. But the latest findings are something a bit different

Recurring slope lineae pop up during the warm seasons, on the slopes of hills and valleys. The imagery never revealed anything concrete until recently, when it was discovered that the most likely cause of the little rivulet scratchings was water, probably a thick salty brim that slides down the hills when the conditions are just right.

It was revealed in Nature Geosciene.

All very cool. And all the reason we need to get their sooner. Why?

Because we can.

Plus if we're really lucky it will be like this . . .


Anonymous said...

Heaven turns out to be hell? That doesn't strike me as lucky. (That scene is what the old ones find when the go down the river.)


Anonymous said...

Heh. I just realized that painting shows the Mars moons as round. Oops. :-)