Monday, September 28, 2015

UFO Files

A South Carolina witness reported looking out the living room window and spotted a disc-shaped object on the ground not far form the window. Not sure what it was they walked out to take a closer look, when the got with 100 feet of the object it took off and flew away.

Though no video footage was taken, a quick shot was snapped, presumably with a camera phone.

It rose quickly and vanished so thereafter. Seven pictures were taken. You can see those over at Open Minds. What the object is I can't say, but the after burner looks a little like the Melanian Falcon as it flies off.

I wonder what size it was.

It seems a I rumble a little about why people never take video footage of these things, particularly with the advent of the camera phone, but seeing gas how I've lost my phone about 4 times today alone, perhaps I should not mention it anymore.

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