Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Elves

Through this land of eternal light flowed seven rivers, each of varying sizes and lengths, but none greater or lesser than the other. These rivers were named in his dream; there was the long river of Am, the blue running waters of Aul, the shallow clear waters of Hue, in the high mountain tumbled the tumultuous, powerful waters of the Loth, upon the long open planes meandered the Pth river, and beyond that in a low range of forested hills the dark and brooding, slow moving Ra, and the seventh river was called the Uul, in later days the Damnun, for it flowed underground for great lengths of its course. The All Father dreamed these seven rivers and he dreamed a wilderland around them of trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses. Animals passed through these lands too, but beyond them his wild imaginings gave life to all manner of strange creatures, they resembled the fey of Aihrde in many respects. And into this dream came the elves, conjured from beautiful, timeless thoughts of the All Father’s and they mirrored those thoughts being wonderful to gaze upon. Too they were deathless unless met by some violent end. These elves were dreamed of in seven peoples and they each came to be upon the banks of the seven rivers and they were given life and became aware.

Each of the seven peoples took the name of the river upon which they dwelled and in those long ago days they were still seven.

~ Players Guide to Aihrde

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