Thursday, September 24, 2015

Of the Dwarven Realms

These are the Kingdoms of the Dwarves of Old as they have been recorded in the Mammoth Scrolls. In the Days before Days the folk of Agrind Darkeye built Gorthurag. Others followed his example so that Five Great Realms of Dwarves came to be. In time these colonized other lands until Fourteen Dwarven Realms stood astride the world. Though none of the branches were ever as great as the roots, and none of the First were ever as great as First Home.

Below is a list of the realms and the date they were founded. The Root realm is listed before the Branches and are associated with the Root. The year listed is the dwarf calander.

Date Name

1        Gorthurag, First Home, God’s Forge On Mount Austrien (destroyed) (Arnhul Mts.)

3956         Alanti (destroyed in Wasting War) (Alanti Isles)

4609         Grundlich-Hohle (Gondlim by the elves) (Grundliche Mts.)

4376         Amvile-Cris (wasted away) (Damenfauk)

727    Grausumhart, Grimdraw (destroyed in Stone Wars) (Crusp Mts.)

3805         Bogda-Rawd (abandoned in Stone Wars, sealed in all its glory) (Holgrad Mts.)

4444         Grulding-Hohle (destroyed third goblin dwarf war) (Muenberg Mts.)

4012         Londrok-In (destroyed in Kinship Disputes) (Muenberg Mts.)

5134         Krag-ot-Thune (destroyed in Wasting War) (Dohen Mts.)

1481   Norgorad-Kam (Bergrucken Mts.)

3705        Magdul-Hohle (destroyed in Wasting War) (Rhodope Mts.)

1631 Nogdrick Hohle (destroyed by dragon) (Turmberg Mts.)

1911 Roheisen-Hohle (Holmgald Mts.)

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