Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I finally got around to watching Gotham last night, first episode, season 1. I think I delayed because I've soured a little on all the super-hero movies and shows. Most of the movies seem to be either Batman angry at stuff or the Avengers/Iron Man fighting off yet another invasion of earth (why don't they tone it down a bit, like the first bit from Iron Man 1, that was very cool, fighting terrorists). The TV shows haven't managed to capture my attention for some reason, my own no doubt. I watched Arrow and enjoyed it but never went back, and I've not seen Flash or Agents of Shield. I think I've been enjoying ordinary people in extraordinary settings as opposed to the other way around and its jaded my perspective.

Or Gotham.

Not sure why I watched it last night, something just rolled over in my head and I thought I would check it out.

I was pleasantly surprised. I love the guy playing Gordon .... his partner too, who I remember from his Blade days .... hell, all the characters are spot on and made me want to tune back in. The two the stood out the absolute most are the Penguin and Barbara Gordon. Both seem to be utterly believable in their character's shoes. But really the story, acting, set, all of it was really cool.

I guess these are ordinary people . . . in an extraordinary setting.

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Timothy Brannan said...

Gotham is well worth your time and investment.

Season two looks like it is going to be even bigger and better than season 1.