Thursday, September 10, 2015

A New Species

They've found some of our kin down in South Africa and it looks like a whole new species. Discovered in 2013 archeologists have kept the wraps on it so that they could excavate the site without interference. The site itself is the larges collection of human or human type bones found anywhere, some 1500 bones in all.

"The species' brains were a third of the size of today’s humans but they stood like us, and had similar feet and hands, although their fingers were elegantly curved. This new species, Berger said, should be placed as an early humanoid just before the time of homo sapiens. The species could date back as far as 2.8 million years, according to experts."

Could be a trunk line of our tree, but maybe something different.

But if true, we have to add another branch to the family tree, welcome to the family Homo Naledi!

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