Thursday, October 30, 2014

UFO Files

When a private plane spotted a chunk of shiny metal laying the Arizona desert, surrounded by moving figures, they called it in. It caused a chain reaction up the line of communication so that within short order two Air Force F16's flew overhead (hopefully it was the Air Force, and not some other country's F16s as that would probably be bad).  The F16s did a low pass to see what the debris field was.

Sadly it wasn't a UFO. No new Rosewell from the wild deserts of the western United States. It was a space craft built and set in the sand by MUFON. Specifically a craft built by MUFON to train the 25 or so Field Investigators that signed up to learn how to properly investigate various sitings. While in their boot camp the private plane passed over and about 20 minutes later the F16s roared over head, passed low to have a look see and then went on their merry way. This was followed about 20 minutes later by a sheriff's helicopter.

To paraphrase one of the observers, for a government that has no official policy of investigating UFOs they sure sent out a lot of manpower to investigate that unknown object in the sand.

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