Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fantastic Four is Finished

News trickled out of New York City Comic Con that the Fantastic Four comic book is finished.  Issue 645, aptly titled The End is Forever, puts the long running Marvel mainstay to bed. There are no concrete reasons given by Marvel for this, only rumors and hearsay about one of the big investors is angry about the direction the movie is or is not going and has decided to kill the comic book.

That's sounds a bit far fetched to me. Maybe. But at that level of business one would think it would be about business and not emotions. However, having no access to anything I don't put much credence in that. Good chance it has something to do with the numbers as FF #10 (they rebooted the numbers a few months back and are re-rebooting them now, I think) ranked 99 in the sales lists. 

Its kind of sad for tradition, as Marvel really launched with FF#1 back in 1961.

But the King must die eventually.

Really someone over at Marvel needs to take a step back, breath a little and think before the act. Its a huge property, with a long history. 

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Unknown said...

FF has been a shadow of its former glory for a while now. Jonathan Hickman had a good run a few years ago, but he wove too many threads together for too long before pulling it all together -- at least at times. Marvel needs to convince a good writer -- not a hot writer, but a genuinely good writer -- to come play with the book for a while. I'd love to see Walt Simonson take another crack at it, but he's probably a long shot.