Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Elves of Fontenouq

The lands of Fontenouq are wild, inhospitable places, consisting of rocky outcrops atop steep hills, whose slopes follow wild descents into ever darkening woods. In the valleys the trees and bramble grow close. They are fed by many small streams, pools and ponds. There are no roads here, only trails, and these seem to crisscross the country in no particular pattern. A plentiful amount of game is available for the wary hunter, but there are many predators, both magical and mundane.

The spired castles of the Fontenouq Elves dot the countryside. Though some went to great lengths to hide their towers in the dark deeps, others were content to build them heedless of who saw them. These high thin towers rise from forested hills or valleys like singular moments. They are out of place, these otherworldly towers, but even so seem to belong with the countryside. Often the trails leading to these forested palaces are difficult, if not impossible, to find and many a would be visitor has entered the forests never to return.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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