Friday, October 24, 2014

Sons of Tefnut

It is then that the dwarves of Grundliche Hohle set aside all memory of the Kinship Disputes and set forth with a great host. They crossed the great Bridge of Ursal and scattered the goblins there. Crossing into the Massiff, they bridged Lake Orion and came to the foot hills of Norgorad-Kam. King Fundin II led them.

The goblins turned, fearing to be cornered in the high mountains between a hammer and anvil, and rallied, but the dwarves were too great and Fundin swept the goblins from the hills and valleys. An army from the Brass Halls issued forth and joined Fundin, so that the Kings fought shoulder to shoulder, driving the goblins to ground everywhere they went. But the host was vast and rallied, strengthened by fresh ranks from the Bleached Hills and they pushed the dwarves back almost the gates. And thus it was that the sons of Tefnut came to their aid, the men of the Ethvold. They came with spears and bows and fell upon the goblin, catching them wholly unawares. And the goblins turned and to fight and the dwarves fell upon them from above. In this way the greater host of the goblins in those lands were destroyed and driven into the Ethvold, where the Ethrum, sons of Tefnut, hunted them like wild animals and slew them wholly. None, of all that host, ever left the Ethvold

~The Codex of Aihrde

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