Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Before the forests of the Ethvold grew in the Valley of Kayomar, Amenut settled in those lands. He lived in the Mistbane river, a servant of Tefnut. It was here that Heth found him. A creature of careful thought, Heth came to Amenut without form. He settled upon a rock and watched Amenut, and the Frog God rose and spoke to him and they were ever after companions. So it was that Heth, a servant of Toth, came to dwell in Aihrde. In later ages he took up the duty of guiding the dead upon the Arc of Time, of judging them, or passing them on to his master, but he always loved the Ethvold and in time took the guise of a great crow, and so he dwelt ever after.

He was worshiped as a powerful god of the underworld by the Ethrum. Men worshiped him far and wide, and almost everyone made sacrifice to the crow god before any task. His great temple they built in the Oak Stand in the Downs of the Darkenfold. From there Heth herded the souls of men and brought them to the nether planes or the stone fields as he deemed they deserved. Men called upon him whenever they went into battle, traveled dangerous roads, or did anything that might cost them their lives. His followers were many and they followed an intricate system of rites in his worship.

In time, as the Ethvold failed, so did Heth. Now he dwells in the upper reaches of the Darkenfold, powerful upon the Arc of Time, but a shadow of his former self upon Aihrde.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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