Thursday, October 16, 2014

Flash Backs of the d20 Glut, Movie Style

Warner brothers announced nine more movies in their line up for the next few years, which include such earth shattering comic books as Aquaman, Suicide Squad and Shazam. Wonder Woman is wedge in there too so that is  good news.

But this seems like a really ambitious roll out for Warner Bros. That's alot of movies with alot of super heroes, many of which, though I personally like, such as Aquaman, will not have the same wide, popular appeal as the better ranked heroes like Superman or Batman. I think Wonder Woman can carry her own, but heck Green Lantern couldn't carry his own and he's been a staple of the DC verse for a long, long time. He just didn't have the popular appeal.

Hopefully they'll do all these books justice and make good movies. We'll have to see.

See list at ICV2.

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