Friday, October 31, 2014

Beyond the River ~ Kickstarter Project

"Beyond the River" is a tale of Juergan of Astode, a knight of some renown. Weary and spent, seeking only the solace of quiet, he's retired to the Barren Wood, upon the banks of the Hruesen River, in the shadow of the Blacktooth Ridge. There he's built his home. and there he lives out his days in meagre comforts.

But now, he stands before the Baron Botkin . . . .

"My niece, Clarrisa, fell into the cold waters of the Hruesen River. The current was swift there, in the river's bend, and it pulled her down stream. It was so fast. Areth went after her, but he never came up. But she did. Clarrisa did. She crawled out of the water on the far side of the river, upon the feet of the Blacktooth Ridge. She called to me, but I could not hear her. I could not hear what she was saying. The water was too loud and my blood was rushing. That's my sister's daughter. She's only nine.

"We went to get boats, but it took us too long. By the time the fisherman had uncovered their craft and brought them down to the river bank, she was gone.

"As the light failed we found her trail. She crawled up the bank. This we know. But it was snowing already. Not much. Just enough to cover her trail. We lost her. But there's been no murder of crows, no circle of death, no wolf calling its mates to the feast. She's alive. I know she's alive.

"Juergan. You know the ridge. You know what dwells there. I charge you, as a knight of New Aenoch and servant of the Empress, to cross the Hruesen River and find my niece. Alive. Failing that. I want vengeance. But alive or dead, whatever took her, dies."

"Beyond the River" is the title for episode one of d20 Entertainment's live action drama, the first of what we hope are many tales of Juergan of Astode. 

Written by Stephen Chenault, the Troll Lord of Troll Lord Games, author of over 20 RPG supplements and the Codex of Aihrde, and Produced by d20 Entertainment. This is an epic moment in the history of Castles & Crusades and the World of Aihrde. Don't miss out!!! Only two days left!

A message from d20 Entertainment: We are passionate about bringing this story to life. We have the ability, the talent, and equipment, however we need your financial support to make this happen. If you can't afford to financially back this project, please post this link to you favorite gaming board, or on Facebook, twitter or g-mail. Help like this is just as important as financial backing. And we truly appreciate it. 

Together, we can tell a fantasy story that gamers can be proud to show the rest of the non-gaming world! Pledge here!

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