Friday, August 22, 2014

Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and Justified

So we are slipping into the new TV season. Looking forward to Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead and Justified, though I think this last doesn't start until later in the year.

These are some amazing TV shows with just enough grit to them to break away from the normal TV land shows and make you believe they are actually happening. There are no signs of the stage or the acting or what have you. Your just caught up in the reality of their lives and adventures.

Couldn't say which is my favorite, but it would probably have to be The Walking Dead. Its got all the apocalyptic white wash I love. There is a world in which your wits, strength and luck keep you alive against an enemy that is uncaring and indifferent. No emotion, no zeal, no passion…they just eat.

But then again Sons of Anarchy is a brutal show about bikers and the world of running guns, prostitutes and drugs. Characters make that show, the actors bring it to life.

But Justified is a modern John Wayne. Its just the world as it should be, with the added advantage that is in the south and they eat fried chicken and you can see those hazy summer days.

But this trailer cinches it for me!

Sons of Anarchy


Nothing yet!

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