Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wait? What?

When you rely on someone else to do the work that you need to do, they might be able to hold it over your head?

According to former NASA Chief, who seems to have a suddenly read the history of any year in the 4000 years of recorded human history, has discovered that the Russians can hold transport to the International Space Station over our heads

Back a few years ago we retired our fleet of space shuttles and decided that the Russians, the only ones doing manned space flight and whom we just came out of a 60+ year war with, would offer a kindly surrogate.

Turns out they don't always agree with the west and can now hold that over our heads, barring us from the ISS. Who could possibly have anticipated this?

Of course NASA's budget has been cut to a nub, of course NASA has massive spending habits. 

Thank god for the billionaires!

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