Tuesday, August 26, 2014

UFO Files

Can you identify the object? Presently the UFO remains a mystery, though investigators have picked up the video to study and figure out what it is.

Its interesting, when I first saw the headline for the video, I thought, "sweet, a video of something". But then when I'm looking at it, I think, "why on earth would the aliens be so brazen." Then of course it became clear why we never have good footage of these things - because they aren't so brazen about it (assuming of course they have been coming here and continue to do so. "they" being aliens).

This however, looks like a drone or some such thing.

The video was shot in Laketown Ohio on August 20. Ohio has an Alert Rating of 3, which means basically they've had over 25 sitings in the past month. Read more.

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