Monday, August 04, 2014

UFO Files

We had an interesting report on Thursday of a UFO in California over the Hearst mansion. You can read about it here

Now we have a very similar object . . . if you can say such things with such obscure photographs . . . appearing over the south-western Ukraine near the Danube river (this is on the other side of the beleaguered country, the civil war is taking place in the east). The object is clearly visible but no sound or lights were reported.

Check the story here.

It appears to pass in front of and over the moon, or some such as you can see in the photos.

Its interesting to note that these odds and ends happen in countries other than the United States. So much is centered around our popular culture that we tend to get blinders on . . . at least I do.

And really, that looks like it might be the hover car from the Jeffersons?

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