Thursday, August 21, 2014

They Aren't Just Alive . . .

But have a very active ecosystem. That's what scientists are saying about the microbial world that lies 2500+ feet beneath the ice sheets of Antartica. What they have discovered is dozens upon dozens of lakes lying beneath the ice sheets, far beneath. Some sit in lonely isolation, whereas others are connected by water ways. Scientists have been drilling for samples and studying what lies beneath for some time now.

They've learned what we should all be taking for granted by now, life is adaptable. Its not restricted by our pre-concieved notions of what we think or imagine it should be. Life exists apart from us. One of the little dudes down there oxidized ammonia and converts it to energy. No doubt they interact, one feeding off the other and so forth.

This is primordial life at its finest. Read on!

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