Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Vale of Jariel

They dwelt there together for a long season.

When summer came Aedgen’s thoughts turned back to his people. He implored Tefnut for aid in bringing them hither. And so it was that in the far north, upon the headwaters, that the people first encountered Tefnut. She rose from the water one midday, and called to them to follow her. Aedgen’s people were amazed, for such beauty and power they had never seen. For all that Tefnut was, came of the flowing waters and deep pools of the world, and her power was little spent in those days and much of what had, lie in the Ethvold itself. Not until that forest was lost was her power diminished.

The Ethrum followed Tefnut south. She calmed the river for them and brought them, after many hardships, to the deep vale that lay in the long valleys of Kayomar, that men would later call Jariel. And that land became the heart of the tribes of Ethum for many ages of the world they worshiped Tefnut and the gods of the Ethvold, that were later called the Og Aust, the Old Gods.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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