Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Fall of Al Liosh

In the end Frafnog came to the lands of the Long River and Al Liosh. Coming from the south, he set all to ruin along the Udunilay, burning any and all, plundering, devouring, slaying all who challenged him. When Al Liosh at last stood before him, with her long walls of white stone, towers and temples, he hesitated. He flew slowly over the city looking upon the glory of its majesty. All there could see the weight of him and his size was beyond imagining. Four hundred feet long, and half as wide, wings that blotted out the sun. Frafnog, first born of Inzaa, his eyes emblazoned with his mother's ire.

When all had seen the dragon and the stink of his fear soiled the hearts of men, Frafnog fell, plummeting like a mountain into the city. The buffet of his wings tore roofs from buildings, the tail slap brought towers to ruin, his roar broke the hearts of men and drove them mad, and his breath washed over them like the fires of damnation. The dragon raged in Al Liosh for days, killing and burning. When the wages of his rage were at last paid, Al Liosh lay in ruins, the Red Men fled to the north, their temples cast down. Frafnog called the God Emperor forth. And Antek IV came, for such was the power of the dragon that none could resist him, and with him came the remains of his court.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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