Thursday, August 07, 2014

Superman vs. Batman

Well I guess I don't even have to see this movie. So if you've followed the ramblings here the new Sups movie went from a Sups movie to a Batman appearance, to a Batman is fighting Sups and now we have Sups is the villain and Emo-man has to save Metrapolis from Sups? Rumors Here.

Ug. Why?

I don't get this manhandled mess.

First I don't understand all the memes and babbling about the big fight in Super Man of Steel where the wreck downtown Metropolis. Sups didn't pick the battlefield, General Bob did. No one's bitching at the Avengers.

Second, why we have to pit these two against each other is mind boggling. Oh, I get that batman is the dark, twisted soul of doubt and terror and he sees only the bad in people and the world as he worms his way through life. And Superman sees the good. So naturally the two have a different approach to crime fighting. Superman punches criminals into prison and Batman punches criminals into prison. And Superman doesn't kill people. And Batman doesn't either. Wait, they do the same thing.

Third, I get that we are going for Justice League movie so we want to introduce all these characters together and get their stories straight.

But with all that, why not go for an original concept. Try this. There is a criminal doing bad things. The criminal is to blame for his own actions. The superhero tries to stop him and needs aid. They team up and fight the evil.

And the two greatest crime fighters in the DC universe become . . .  wait for it . . .


There DC. You can have my movie script and idea, free of charge. Thank you very much.


Tim Snider said...

You mean there's a misunderstanding and two heroes are pitted against each other in an all-out slugfest until they sort it out to fight their common enemy? Christ, this is a page straight out of the "Superhero Team-up Cliches" handbook.

Anonymous said...

since they havent announced who the main villain is for the movie, I am guessing they wont have a common enemy, or it will be Luthor. But, Darksied dude will reveal himself at the end to force them to have to form the Justice League later on.