Friday, August 01, 2014

Shoes, glass and smuggled salt

What do these have in common? The town of Fougeres of course. Why, who would not have guessed such. It is famous for the Chateau de Fougeres as well.

So Fougeres is in Brittany and wars and such blah blah. It was also a shoe making and glass making center for some time. Oddly "Fougères was made a stronghold for "salt smugglers," who would creep along the wall of the city with confiscated salt, to sell in other regions." (from Wikipedia)

So there is an adventure right there! 

Google some images its really a cool place.


Stu Rat said...

Is this where Cinderella's glass slippers were made?

Troll Lord said...

LOL We'll have to wait for the new movie to find out!